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Hospital Acquired Infections are the most frequent adverse event in healthcare delivery worldwide, affecting 7% of patients in developed countries each year. World Health Organization HAI Fact Sheet, 2014

Eliminating bacteria is one of the most important sterilizing challenges hospitals face. Currently, in the US alone, in-hospital infections claim about 100,000 lives a year, infect almost 3 million people yearly.

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The Role Of
Biofilms In HAIS

The Role Of Biofilms In HAIS

Biofilms are colonies of microorganisms that grow on living surfaces as well as non-living surfaces like medical devices. Responsible for an estimated 50% of all nosocomial infections, biofilms are particularly dangerous because they’ve demonstrated both immune system resistance and antimicrobial resistance.

“Once you have the biofilms in there, short of ripping the sinks and the piping out, it’s impossible to get rid of.”

?What Is AMR

We are in an era of antimicrobial resistance. When bacteria don’t respond to antibiotic treatment methods, it becomes even more critical to protect vulnerable populations from encountering them.

But hospitals and researchers have not yet found a viable solution to the danger posed by biofilms in the plumbing. Clinical testing of a variety of disinfectants and cleaning methods have all come up short, and most preventative measures have met with failure or are prohibitive in cost and implementation.

Researchers have concluded that the solution lies in the design of the sink itself, making sure that the bacteria proliferating in the biofilm can not enter the hospital environment and endanger at-risk patients. That’s where capitalizing on natural physical laws has transformed the situation.

Physiclean works in the sink itself, by not allowing contaminants back into the building.

Proven Effectiveness

Hospital Acquired Infections are the most frequent adverse event in healthcare delivery worldwide, affecting 7% of patients in developed countries each year.
(World Health Organization HAI Fact Sheet, 2014)

The Economic
Damage Of HAI

The Economic Damage Of HAI

The economic impacts from preventing health care-associated infections (HAIs) can differ for patients, health care providers, third-party payers, and all of society. Previous studies from the provider perspective have estimated an economic burden of approximately $10 billion annually for HAIs. The impact of using a societal cost perspective has been illustrated by modifying a previously published analysis to include the economic value of mortality risk reductions. The resulting costs to society from HAIs exceed $200 billion annually.

The Economic
Damage Of HAI

The Economic Damage Of HAI

Again, MRSA can skyrocket costs by increasing the length of stay for SSI patients by 23 extra days and CLABSI patients by 15.7 extra days.
The global infection control market size was estimated at USD 150.4 billion in 2016 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 6.2% throughout the forecast period. The market is predominantly driven by growing number of surgical procedures that require high-intensity infection prevention. The high preference is presumed to be a consequence of positive clinical outcomes associated with usage of infection control.
U.S. infection control market
By type, 2014-2025 (USD Billion)

Economic Burden
Of HAI’s

In addition to enormous cost to human health, HAIs place a huge financial burden on medical institutions and on society. United States estimated costs of additional in-hospital stays run at about $10 billion to the provider, and exceeds $200 billion to society when other factors are added in. Costs to the hospital include increased patient stays and increased resource usage (blood tests, imaging, antibiotic usage). Yet, when factoring in the effects of multi-drug resistant bacteria, these costs can skyrocket as patients require significantly longer hospital stays. Estimated extra hospital inpatient days per patient:
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Our Products

Drain Barrier Basic

Simplicity is the name of the game Physiclean has developed a product that takes into account the needs of the field and allows quick and simple integration into any AMR defence setup in the field. Physiklin’s product helps in significantly reducing infections while requiring minimal maintenance and at zero costs.

Drain Barrier Pro

The drain barrier ability to integrate is amazing, it is very easy to install, does not need any electricity source while utilizing water energy and simple laws of physics to protect the environment from a deadly enemy that destroys the lives of dozens of millions each year.