This page contains frequently asked questions about Physiclean, a company that specializes in creative, innovative thinking and the creation of groundbreaking solutions for drainage and plumbing systems that we use in our everyday lives.

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Questions and Answers

The company is located in Israel. Most of the product is manufactured locally while some of the complementary devices are produced in various countries (China, Turkey, Israel). The final packaging is performed in Israel.

The products will be ready at our Haifa factory 60 days after completion of your order (payment of 50%).

There are two models – the basic model and the pro model. The price depends on the size of the order and the client’s characteristics.

We definitely believe that anyone helping the company promote its products should benefit and make a fair profit in exchange their investment and efforts.

There is a 5-year warranty period on the body of the device and a 3-year warranty period on the hydro apparatus (not including damage caused by a fall).

The devices were constructed and designed in a way that ensures minimal maintenance requirements and which integrates easily into the activity of the different departments.

The devices underwent 2 clinical trials in 2 state hospitals (Sheba and Barzilai) and returned extremely favorable results in unique functionality tests in international laboratories. As a result, it was recommended to include the devices in the hospitals’ level of protection.

Both models operate without electricity. The pro model uses two AA batteries that last for at least a year.

Beyond the enclosed specifications, the basic model succeeds in preventing infected aerosol droplets from entering the sewage system and from there, to the public domain.
In addition to total separation from the sewage system, the pro model also prevents the growth and spread of biofilms, performs a high-pressure water internal rinse of the apparatus 3 times a day while preserving cleanliness and a water flow that is free of any blockages.

The device can be easily installed by the on-site maintenance team.

Orders are currently only open to distributors and large entities. For further details, please contact the company’s offices.

Yes, they can be ordered for the kitchen or bathroom sink.

The existing siphon must be dissembled first after which the sink should then be disinfected, and the device installed according to instructional manual of the relevant device.
Installation of the basic model is similar to a regular siphon and takes 10 minutes. The pro model takes a further 10 minutes.