About Us

Physiclean Ltd. is the embodiment of serial entrepreneur Nir Nahum’s idea and its implementation. The company was established out of an existential need to save life and improve its quality. Hospital acquired infections (HAI) have become a significant problem and scourge that affect tens of millions of people and families in Israel and worldwide. The understanding that a solution could be found to this problem was the underlying motive for founding the company.

Our Vision
Physiclean is a special dynamic company that thinks about the small things that make the change…Through creative thinking and hard work, we simplified complex processes.

Our Founder of Physiclean LTD

innovation in simplicity

Breakthrough innovation in simplicity

Physiclean believes that simplicity is the name of the game and that the ability to produce
simple devices that integrate perfectly into any workspace is critical in assimilating processes
that require a new perception und coordination between different and complex systems.
The underlying innovation in the simplicity of Physiclean’s solutions creates opportunities to redefine the rules.

Our Team

Evyatar Gabay


Evyatar develops training and mentorship programs in the organizational and human resources fields for organizations and companies. Over the past two decades, Evyatar has promoted, developed, and produced several unique and innovative programs, frameworks, and projects, deployed around the country, that develop capabilities and learning skills among children and youngsters.

Nir Nahum


A serial entrepreneur who specializes in developing consumer products that offer unique and practical solutions which combine creativity, simplicity, and exceptional efficiency. An electronic engineer by profession, Nir has acquired significant experience in developing products in diverse fields by combining electronic and other complex systems, and in optimization of processes.

Zion Gabay

Business development Manager

Tzion is an attentive and creative business-social mentor who specializes in developing and implementing programs. He has 30 years senior managerial experience in global social corporations and nonprofits. Over the years, Tzion has developed a diverse network of contacts and friendships both in Israel and worldwide that facilitates exceptional partnerships and opportunities in business, managerial, and social spheres.

Oded Salomon

Marketing & Customer relations Manager

Oded believes that they key is in the small details. He has more than 30 years of management and marketing experience in developing production and quality control systems and other complex work processes in companies from the food and consumer products sectors, doing so with meticulous and uncompromising quality control.

Oleg Goldin

Global project Manager

Oleg is the owner and CEO of an electronics company in northern Israel that specializes in application and assimilation of complex systems. Oleg maintains collaborations with factories and technology companies in Israel and around the world.

He manages a global network of business connections, specializing in marketing and partnerships in emerging markets and Eastern Europe, bringing rich experience in managing negotiations, mediating transactions locally.

Certificates & Standards / Cooperation